Friday, February 24, 2012

Think It Through!

If you're having a tough time with getting started on a task, special project or even a conversation, here are some words of wisdom.  Think it through!  If you take the time to actually figure out the steps you need to take or the words you need to say, it will make not only the beginning easier, but will also help you see your way through to completion.

What should you be thinking about you ask?  Think about timing, goals, audience and most efficient route to completion for starters.  As you begin thinking about these things, other questions will arise to help you flush out your thinking even more. 

It'll amaze you how much of the work you'll be able to get done inside your brain!  In fact i'd argue that's where most of the work gets done anyway.  Very little time (relatively speaking, of course) is spent on the actual manifestation of your task, project or conversation. 

Certainly you must account for how your thoughts and ideas translate into the real world.  You may have to tweak your thinking a bit, but you'll be surprised at how similar the virtual world in our minds and the real world are.

If you want to take it step further, after you've spent your necessary thought time, write your plan down on paper or put it on a spreadsheet (this is what i do!).  Write down notes for your difficult conversation, too.  This will help you organize your thoughts.  You might also bounce thoughts and ideas off of a trusted friend/fellow thinker.  That's when synergy comes into play and synergy (collaboration) is when you can really kick into high gear!

Thinking it through will also help you make fewer mistakes and help you avoid make rash decisions you might later regret.  Human beings are far too intelligent to be as impulsive as we are.  Giving in to our impulses is healthy from time to time is okay, but probably not most of the time.

Let me finish by saying thinking is like anything you do, the more you do it, the easier it will be.

Happy thoughts everyone and have a great weekend!


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