Saturday, February 5, 2011

Everything In Its Right Place

I often find wisdom in the strangest places, but have found that music is one of the most consistent locations.  I have a buddy who is constantly losing his wallet.  Thus this bit of wisdom from the Radiohead track "Everything In Its Right Place" off the Kid A album (A phenomenal album BTW).  It is much more difficult to lose things if you put their right place!

That is, identify the place where each of your things should belong (ie keys, wallet, remote control, etc.) and put them back in the same place every time, no exceptions.  This rule applies especially to your home, but can apply at work, on a vacation trip, etc.  Find the best place to put your things where ever you are and commit to returning those things to those same places time in and time out.

If you're one of those people who is always misplacing important items, this rule should help solve that problem.  I know it seems like a common sense approach to living, but some of the best ideas really are common sense.  Let Radiohead be your guide and put everything back in its right place!


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