Monday, July 9, 2012

Public Sector vs Private Sector Job Growth

Here is a chart of public sector (government workers) and private sector (non-government workers) job growth during the first term of W. Bush verses the first term of President Obama.


As you can see, public sector job growth increased substantially during W's first term while the private sector grew more modestly.  The opposite is true of Obama's first term.

For those who'd like to claim that Obama has grown government, please reply with facts to substantiate that claim.  Otherwise please stop spreading lies.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

What about government spending? How do the two compare?

Oz said...

Check out this site for charts on government spending.

You'll notice that government spending has increased every year as far back as the chart goes. If the argument is that Obama has increased government spending, that would also be the case for the previous 2 administrations.