Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Farms No Food

This is one of several mantras of this new reality tv show on GAC.  Now you're probably asking yourself "why is he watching GAC to begin with?"  Not much of a story.  I was just flipping through the channels whilst cooking up some food, landed on GAC and decided to stay put.  Glad i did!

The show is called Farm Kings and it is a reality series based on a family running a farm in PA near Pittsburgh.  Though i've not spent much time on a farm (other than my buddy Dunlap's dairy farm a couple of times in college), i imagine it is true to form.  The Farm (called "Freedom Farms") is run by the King family, a family of 9 strapping boys and 1 girl ranging in age from 12-29 and mama bear Lisa, the matriarch of the family.  The farm is owned by the three oldest boys, Joe, Tim and Pete, but everyone in the family (with the exception of Luke who's in college studying medicine) works on, in and around the farm.
The King Family

They're primarily vegetable farmers, but also raise chickens and are attempting to go into livestock.  They have a real belief in sustainable farming as well which just takes it over the finish line for me.  They're basing their method of farming around that of Joel Salatin, a self-described environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer who practices what he preaches on his own farm.  It is remarkable how much the Kings look up to Salatin.  In one episode, Dan (the "utility man") gets noticeably upset that he's not allowed to go on a visit with two of the older brothers to Salatin's farm in VA.

Each episode the family and the farm are faced with new challenges that range from interpersonal conflict to drought to making a decision as to whether they should supply produce to the Pittsburgh Pirates (spoiler alert, they don't, but you'll have to watch to see why! :-))  Despite it all, they always seem to come together to get it all done.

I could go on and on about how and why i like this show, but i'll sum it up by saying it's just d@mn good television!  Even for people who don't like or watch television.  It is the reason God invented television in fact and i praise him for it!
Pete!  "The Human Harvester"
Dan!  "The Utility Man"
Oh and one more thing, a couple of the guys are really hot!  I mean like super sexy farm guy hot.  Pete has an absolutely killer body and a kinda neo-hippie farmer style going on.  Dan is my favorite though.  He too has an amazing body (you should see him throwing hay bales!), but he also has a smile that will make you swoon.  Good God is he gorgeous!  He seems like the type of guy who would do anything for you and be really sweet and supportive too.  Okay i'm gonna stop there.  Just watch the show and you'll see for yourself.

It really is a fantastic show and probably my favorite new show of the year.  I highly recommend you check this one out and remember, no farms no food!


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