Monday, August 28, 2017

Mac Attack Chapter 2- It Gets Worse

As originally posted on my FB page:

So i called Apple support and waited approximately 20 minutes to speak with someone. They gave me my choice of hold music which i thought was quaint if not too ridiculously quaint. I'm on hold for God's sake! You can bang pots together for all i care so long as you get to my call quickly! I explained the situation to the rep and told him I thought it was ransomware and asked if they had gotten any other calls about it. He seemed not to know anything about ransomware AT ALL and proceeded to tell me I needed to go to the Apple store for further assistance. I was a bit peeved by that, but thought okay, if this will get my issue resolved i'll do it.
I selected an appointment time of 6:30pm the following day as there were no available times the day i was calling and wouldn't have been able to do any of the earlier times the next day. I'm thinking to myself the whole time, if someone can hack my Mac remotely and lock me out of it, why can't Apple remotely help me unlock it? Mind you, I'm a small business owner and I NEED my laptop to get work done. So to be told i have to wait an entire day to get my computer back up and running was frustrating enough. The fact that i'd have to drive to West Town 20 minutes away to get it done was just insult to injury.
It is finally my appointed time to visit the Apple store. I'm thinking, well at least this'll all be over soon. I pack my hacked Mac and head on over to the West Town Mall. Whoopie! I get to the store right at 6:30 fearing even a moment later they may cancel my appointment. I walk in the store and it is a mad house! If you've never been into an Apple store, DON'T! There are frantic people galore and if you're looking for a nice relaxing convo with your favorite Mac support team member, fuggitaboutit! I couldn't even figure out who i was supposed to check in with for my appointment. There's no check in desks. Just tables and high chairs and sharp edges everywhere!
I wasn't sure who to talk to so just approached the only dude in the store who didn't seem to be whizzing around trying to "help someone". Young dude, long hair, didn't seem too non-plussed, says "hey man! Can i help you?" I already don't like this kid's estilo, but i figured at least he spoke! I told him i was there for an appointment at 6:30. He was like "Oslo, yeah cool man, gotcha. Just go sit over there and someone will be with you in 5 minutes." I was like, okay, i'll play by your rules. I'm on your turf.
So i sit on what i'm pretty sure was a cushioned block... and there's part 2. Sorry to those who are wanting this story more quickly. I'm realizing now that 2 parts is not nearly enough to tell this story appropriately. Part 3 coming soon... hopefully. I promise not to forget! 

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