Sunday, July 1, 2012

The perfect mixer

I don't drink a lot of liquor.  I find it much easier to regulate my alcoholic intake drinking beer.  But from time to time either out of necessity, peer pressure (this means you, Hussey! :-)) or a desire to change things up a bit, i'll mix myself a tasty little cocktail.

Now i'm no mixologist and don't have any "specialty" cocktails i've perfected over the years.  I like to keep things simple because as Walter from the Big Lebowski said, "when things start getting too complicated is when everything can go wrong" or something along those lines.  So what is  my secret to a tasty mixed drink?

Ginger ale.  Yup that's right ginger ale can be mixed with any liquor and ice to make beverage that refreshes as it inebriates.  And although ginger mixes well with every liquor (at least with all the ones i have at home including whiskey, rum and vodka), i find that it mixes especially well with Jameson Irish Whiskey.  I think my buddy, Mike H. was the first to make that recommendation and it was simply genius.  Thanks, Mike!

So if you're at home alone on a Saturday night like this guy and you're trying to decide on a night cap (or two ;-)) grab a little ginger and your liquor of choice.  You won't be disappointed.


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